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a deciduous flowering shrub
individual stems branch little
shape is rounded to mounded
most plants are 4' to 8' tall, but can reach 11-12'
oakleafs wider than tall

Oakleafs have large pyramidal clusters of white flowers in summer; Its flower color changes to pinkish white in late summer and light brown in autumn; summer foliage is an attractive, oak-like appearance; autumn color is a russet-red.

Fungal Diseases of Oakleaf Hydrangea....
•Gray Mold [Trees and Shrubs] (Botrytis cinerea and other species)
•Powdery Mildew [Shrubs and Trees] (Many genus and species involved)
•Wood Rots and Decays (Many genus and species involved)

This Hydrangea The quercifolia is commonly called oakleaf hydrangea because its leaves are shaped like oak leaves.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

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Arborvitae - Were Ready To Load Your Truck! We May Also Be Able To deliver and or Plant For You!!!

Yes, we have the ability to deliver and plant most of our trees and shrubs. We can deliver to most areas and in many cases we have the staff to plant the stock for you. We can also sell and install watering systems to help you maintain and establish your plants. Call us at 215 651 8329 ... or if you have any questions, please Email Us . My email address is admin@Zone5trees.com

Arborvitae are commonly used evergreen shrubs or trees useful in urban areas where low maintenance and durability is needed. Many cultivars with forms such as being globed in shape, columnar, or narrow pyramidal, tend to be near buildings, doors, and walkways. Other forms which are larger are used for screens and buffers that are planted in rows.

Note if you pick up at the farm or just need them dropped off we will do that ....call 215 651 8329 for a price quote and availability. The form of arborvitae is small, medium, or large depending on the cultivar. Some reach 50', others only 3'. Most prefer full sun to partial sun. Planting in dense shade conditions should be avoided. A moist , well drained, loamy soil in full sunlight are ideal conditions for growing healthy arborvitae. These plants will tolerate rocky, clay, urban conditions of heat drought and pollution. The most important pest we have is bagworms which must be controlled to prevent complete defoliation. Some cultivars have multiple leaders which also prove to be a detraction for the plant. Pruning out multiple leaders in some cultivars is a simple remedy.
Our most popular Arborvitae is the Emerald Green arborvitae. Many people prefer to spell them Arbor Vitae . It is a bright light green color and narrow in shape. It makes a distinctive and impressive natural fence. It is easy to grow ,plant, and keep in shape.

The Hetz Midget arborvitae is a dwarf globe variety. This is a good choice for along walkways and gardens. This is a tough plant that is easy to install and not going to cost a lot. It will maintain its color in the winter and will withstand snow loads well. We carry these plants in 2 and 3 gal. pots. The prices on these dwarfs vary from $15 to $30 depending on size and quantity ordered.

Another small arborvitae that we grow in pots is the Rheingold arborvitae. This is a small globe shaped plant that has a golden green cast to it in the summer and a bronze winter color.
We also have the American Arborvitae known as "Tiny Tim".This arborvitae grows in zone 2 - 7. Its is a needled evergreen in the Cupressaceae Family. It will grow in height from a half a foot to 1 foot tall. Its spread will be about 1 to 1.5 feet. This is a plant that requires little work. See our photo gallery of Arborvitae at our farms Selecting quality arborvitae for the home landscape :

When you get to the nursery or garden center where you will buy your arborvitae, pick out the healthiest, most robust plants that have no evidence of disease or insect damage. The potting medium should be moist, but not wet, and the roots should well dispersed in the medium. Arborvitae that have roots growing from the drainage holes or circling the top of the pot are less desirable. Many people choose to buy arbs from a mail order company, which is perfectly acceptable. However, realize that most woody plants purchased from mail order catalogs will be shipped dormant and bare root, that is, without any soil attached to the root system. Such plants may be smaller in size because of the expense of shipping. It is important to plant such material immediately upon arrival. Generally it is best to purchase one-year-old material from mail order companies since this material is more vigorous and will transplant better. The larger material that is offered is often composed of the less vigorous plants held over from previous years. Most large sized arbs are balled and burlapped. Don't buy any arbs bare rooted over 3' tall. Any plant larger should be balled and burlapped.

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